December 6, 2009

Cocoon time

That's a wrap on fall for Minnesota. With highs this week from 15-27, it's time for the real test of whether or not I can stay cute below freezing. Not that I was cute in the first place. It's just that last winter I wore a uniform every day, and it was a direct reflection of my shitty mood. So I'm trying maybe 30% harder this time. I don't think I can give it a full "100%," as they say, since I'm in the crunch time of finals and wedding planning.

I had to give a presentation last Friday. It was 17 degrees and snowing. Whenever I'm under-prepared and super effing exhausted, I like to distract everyone with something like a giant Colonel Sanders bow below my chin. It helps distract attention away from the massive dark circles under my eyes. I borrowed this black sweater from Mike and threw on some sweater tights (totally warmer than pants, actually) and these wool Gap shorts I got for obscenely cheap off the sale rack on a random "take an additional 40% off already reduced items" day. Sometimes I wonder if I will ever pay full price for a garment again in my life. I'm an unashamed sale-monger. Damn, we should clean our room!! And I'm failing to wear color, btw. (Mainly because I would need to actually own some.) I added to this one of my many gray coats. Also Gap :( Also on some obscene markdown last year, so I paid like $35 instead of $180 or something. I like it because of the rounded drop-shoulder seams. It has a nice silhouette and reminded me of more high-end tailoring. I think my point here is while you may hate the mall and mall brands in general, if you go into a store you are ambivalent about and dig deep into the sale racks, you will find treasures that are the result of their demographic passing on a design where the brand took a risk. And it will be really cheap. Anyway back to layering. So now I look like Judge Judy and don't mind at all. But it's in the teens outside, so I have to just get into the cocoon. Nevermind the shorts, bow, silhouette, and tailoring I was mentioning. It will be engulfed by my gigantic scarf. Oh well, I love this scarf. It's super duper long and warm. And I was really loving the cold and snow, which is strange. Happy winter!


ann said...

You look super cute all bundled up! Where do you recommend getting the best sweater tights? I need some!

ellen said...

omg, I so wanted those shorts and they sold out online. I guess I should separate myself from my computer sometime and get to a store. Love them!