November 27, 2009

Shift to frigid

Temperatures will drop below freezing in the coming week. I must admit, my first MN winter almost made me want to leave the state and never reutrn... almost. I'm still barely getting the hang of dealing with cold weather. Needing humidifiers, chap-stick, face protection, constant kleenex supply in my pocket, gloves, hats... it's enough to make one want to give up entirely and wear all black. Which is pretty much how last year went, and it was a drag. My closet is all gray and black and brown knits, and I hate it.

These two editorials inspired me to get more color into my winter look.

From Elle, December 2009 (all photos via Fashion Gone Rogue)Cute hat. And the thigh-high socks over the trousers keeps them from looking too slutty-schoolgirl.

Icy blue and burnt orange. Check.

I should knit myself a big, bright scarf.

And this, from Vogue China, January 2008 (via Paper Mode)Like wearing your blankie! Someone with an etsy shop, please recreate this for me.

This is my favorite of all. Made me want some striped pants.

I love the plaid scarves as both headgear, and a belt (in the prev. image). Cold ears are my #1 winter issue. So painful! Followed closely by icy toes, and face windburn.

Probably not warm enough. More of a fall look I guess.

Pattern mixing in a monochrome palette. Yes.

Bright and furry! Yes, and yes.

If you are still with me on this topic, I also just watched this week's "On the Street" with Bill Cunningham over at the NYT. I love this man. His narrator voice cannot be beat. I think he's my favorite street style blogger. This week's topic was color, and I love what he has to say at the end. Go watch it, here. The lady at the end is like me in 30 more years. Check out her red boots.


corinna said...

I found you on Jezebel!

Susie said...

oh, hell no.