October 23, 2009

Lessons in thrift

Lovely evening we had last night, me and the boo. I was already wearing most of this outfit when we went out to June for a great event. I acquired this thick wool Sisley blazer while there (thanks, future husband!) thus, finally completing my fall look! This blazer is instantly my favorite thing right now.The event at June was a one-night-only revival of the best store I've ever know, Luehmann. Last year we lived right down the street from this tiny shop of wonders and curiosities. Sadly, it closed, but last at this event we were able revisit her amazing collection, and picked up a black sand hourglass. Here it is on our bookshelf.Ok but let's talk about this skirt, shall we? I've been pretty excited about it for a long time now, because I bought it in the middle of summer and couldn't wear it yet. I was a bit in love with the fall Chanel ad campaign featuring long sheer black and white skirts and tight jackets, and you may remember me telling you about how much I loved Yohji Yamamoto's SS2010 line. Well, it's all coming together.(My clip-on earring was falling out but I wanted to use this photo anyway! Don't judge me by that droopy lobe.)

Pleats are really very fun.
The skirt is Gaultier, bought at gh2 for I believe $100. Add to that my new Sisley jacket (wool, made in Italy, perfect condition) for $35, the oxford shirt borrowed from Mike (J.Crew men's), my vintage spectators from Lost and Found for $20-somthing, and I have this outfit for under $200 and featuring Italian-made, long-term keepable items that will withstand trends and the test of time. I love it.

Also, I'm pretty into these weird clip-on black earrings. All I wear now is clip-ons. And they are from my newest favorite Minneapolis vintage boutique, Rewind, in the northeast. Yesterday Mike and I came up on some seriously ridiculous finds there that we'll show you very soon.I wonder if people think I'm into Twilight now?


ann said...

You've def. got a grown-up goth girl vibe going on there, but those earrings are amazing! Your hair is growing out so pretty on you. Can't wait to see you guys again.

meghan said...

one good look after another. i can't think of anyone else who could execute something so chanel/yohji so well! and clip ons is a good idea, my ears hate earrings.

hard liquor; soft holes said...

i REALLY love a maxi skirt.