October 3, 2009

Blue suede jacket?

I am asking for your advice, my 5 readers... So I bought this heavy, lined, blue suede jacket at Blacklist at the beginning of summer thinking it was the coolest thing. Then last night I wore it out and now I'm not so sure about it. Tell me what you think. I still think the jacket itself is awesome. It could be that it's everything else about what I'm wearing here that's wrong.

Basic jacket shape:
Detail showing why I think it's awesome despite hating how I look in it:
Puff sleeves in suede, cute little collar.

I took these pictures in a hurry in the 25 minutes I actually spent at my house yesterday after coming home from school and then going right back out for the night.

Basic outfit last night:

Actually, add scarf:Here's how I feel about the week I just had:
Thankfully it's over and I'm vegetating inside all day.

Despite my ambivalence about what I was wearing, these vintage 9 West shoe/boots make me happy, and remind me of shopping in Burbank with my friend Amanda back ages ago in the warmth of summer. Aren't they the best?

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gerald said...

i love this outfit. i'm gonna knock it off.