September 29, 2009

Alexander Wang SS2010 and me

So of course like every other blogger in their 20s I was watching the Wang show on I was pretty into it. Gray sweatshirts, army green, leather and 70s shoes, aviation caps... Maybe it didn't really all work together, but then he threw in the Clueless nod and I was assuaged.

I was feeling these shoes from the beginning:

Then this girl came out and honestly I'm not liking the Quasimodo effect on her shoulders, but again, the shoes are doing something for me.
I do love the belted cape. The hat, not so much.

And with this fresh on my mind I went on a bike ride and stopped in at Blacklist. And what did I see?
Perfect luck! I win again! $24, made in Spain, hardly worn vintage.

Net exactly the same as the Wang ones. His:
Damn, that model's heel is looking torn up.

Mine, obviously not as awesome:

So I have these gray thigh high socks, and I also happen to have picked up an army green belted trench coat at aforementioned estate sale... But I decided that would just be a bit too much. Plus I don't have an awesome sports bra to really complete the tribute look.

I wish my hair was this long and I could wear a braid!

Now I must figure out how to actually wear my shoes in real life.

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ann said...

Oh man, can you please send me presents from your land of thrift?