August 24, 2009

Shirin Guild: Harem-pant OG

I'm in love love love love with these harem pants!
I found them on a deeeeeep discount (90%?!) at gh2 when I took Gerald and Baby C there to show off how even in the heartland you can still get up close and personal with some Margiela, Comme des Garcon, Rick Owen, Stella McCartney, etc. (Seriously, if you don't know about gh2, get on it. There are amazing sales, and you can find out about them if you subscribe to their blOg.)

I was severely uninformed about the designer of these pant, Shirin Guild, but the lovely Maggie at gh2 was nice enough to let me know that she's a well-respected designer who's been making harem pants since long before the "trend" of recent times.
Here's Shirin in the 80s, such a beautiful woman. Her eyes are all cool confidence.
Turns out she was born in Iran, then moved to LA and finally to London after the Revolution of 1978. Supposedly, she couldn't find anything she wanted to wear in stores, so, almost entirely self-taught, she started her own label. She's still based in London, and her independent line is well-renown for incorporating unconventional materials and working in loose, geometric lines with a minimalist aesthetic. Most of her garments are made in England, including these pants. I am instantly an admirer. After buying them I wore them out the same night to go visit the Walker. Can't decide whether to love or loathe this Takashi Murakami wallpaper, but it's fun for a photo.
I like this picture because I'm smiling and not trying to model. But I realize that I have to try for you guys, just so you can see how beautiful these pants really are! So here goes:Yikes! What am I doing? But forget me. Look at that drop crotch in the back. So awesome.

Gave up posing, but wanted to also show you this shirt as a side note. It's American Vintage (a brand I'm also pretty into - so basically I'm wearing all brands popular with 40+ women here) and has turned out to be a great purchase. Total wardrobe staple. It was resale at Buffalo Exchange (CA) a couple years ago and luckily made the cut for the move to MN. Oh and it's actually not a shirt, it's a dress. But you can wear a dress tucked into pants when the crotch is at your shins.

Back to the pants. Here is a detail of the fabric, which has a raised pinstripe weave.
The draping is so beautiful both on the body and on the hanger. I really loved just looking at how they hang on the hanger in the store (I'm so weird!). But look, isn't it great how when hanging it falls together like a skirt with a little tail? And look at those lines!Then you turn it around and the back has this super-long drop crotch that hangs over the little leg holes at the very bottom...So cool... Such wonderful cuts and draping. And the little details warm my heart, like at the ankles...The leg holes are cut with a split on the inside seam which has a right angle cut on one side and slopes away in an arc on the other side.

So these are the things I get really excited about in life. Finding such unique, well-made things that I can keep forever and wear in my 20s and in my 60s, made by designers I can respect.

Ok I hope you were with me on all of that, because these are basically the best thing I've posted on this blog.



ann said...

Your hair looks SO cute in those model-y photos!

meghan said...

susie, you look awesome. i'm so glad you posted so many shots and details of the pants, they are amazing!

hard liquor; soft holes said...


Vahid Hakimzadeh said...

hi susie,

LOVE your blog. I am actually sitting here in London with Shirin herself, and she says this the first pants she ever designed - one of her own all time favourites!!

you can find various versions of these in Fashion in Motion (V&A Museum 2004)

all best,

susie said...


Wow, I'm not sure if you'll see my follow up here, but your comment just made my day!

Thank you for the kind words. I love both my pairs of Shirin's pants. They are amazing.

Thanks again,