August 21, 2009

Finds: Vintage Americana

Aaaand I'm back.

One of the things I love the most about living in Minnesota is the abundance of thrift- and vintage-store goldmines. Coming from California, I never imagined a place where so much great stuff could live under one roof, unpicked by the masses. Here it's not the digging that's the problem, it's the narrowing down. My last couple of trips out have yielded some great American-made vintage finds.

I have a bit of an obsession with jackets. Whenever I go thrifting, rain or shine, January or July, I always end up coming home with at least one jacket.

This nearly unworn wool coat ($12, Savers) was made in the student shop at Hughes, Hatcher, and Suffrin, a postwar-era Detroit retailer. It sports beautiful marbled buttons and a removable full flannel lining.

It fits like a glove, and I love the different textures and the way they interact with each other. I see that plaid in my sleep. (I have a bit of an obsession with plaids, too.)

Next up is this Woolrich Woolen Mills parka in a striking blue hue ($5, Blacklist Vintage sidewalk sale.)

The Woolrich name is synonymous with vintage American quality. I immediately snatched this piece up despite one minor drawback:

As mentioned previously
, I have no problem wearing ladies clothing. At 5'4" and a slim build, most of what I find thrifting makes me look like I'm playing dress up in daddy's closet.

Luckily, gems like this will slip by most guys and into my basket. And it fits my small, girlish figure perfectly. I'm looking forward to wearing this as a pop of color during this white winter. (Did I just say I'm looking forward to winter?)

To salvage what's left of my masculinity, I snagged this vintage hunting jacket by Black Sheep, of Dallas, TX ($1 (!!!) Blacklist.)

It may not be in the best condition, but the thing radiates character. Again, I love the texture interplay between the military-green canvas, the cordouroy collar, and the buffalo plaid lining.

Before the PETA people start firebombing my house, I should note that I'm not a hunter. One thing I like about shopping vintage is that when it's affordable, it allows you to go a little outside your comfort zone and experiment with pieces you wouldn't always buy. I'll play with texture and context by layering this between a larger coat and some button-up shirts underneath. Maybe a bow tie. Or is that over? Anyone care to weigh in?

Finally, I found these great suede bucks ($8, Savers.)

I already own a pair from J. Crew, but these ones fit me better and I love the distressed leather and the red-orange sole.

The condition is ok, but the price was definitely right. And they, too, are American made by the Cole Haan Company.

I can only imagine what these four items would've set me back on eBay, but I found them all in my own backyard for under $30. Recession special! (Bleh. Sorry.)

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Anonymous said...

At 5' 2" with a slim waist, I discovered that petite tops and jackets fit wonderfully, right off the rack. Even better, the styles are more appropriate than the boys department, now that I have hit middle age. One gets the impression that kids are out of shape, judging by what they sell for clothing in stores.