August 19, 2009

The bubble effect

Susie Bubble is like Oprah when it comes to getting me to buy things. Wait, let's make that, when it comes to making me aware of worthy up-and-coming designers who I can support. A couple bubble posts directly influenced what became summer standards. I like knowing that independent publishing can introduce me to a girl in Brooklyn who tie-dyes stretchy things, who I then email and pay via paypal and later receive a nice package in the mail of a hand dyed pair of bicycle shorts and a photo of outer space that looks like the dyeing.

Tourist shot with the U of MN's Frank Gehry, ha!
Shabd shorts (thanks, susie bubble), j. crew tank, aqua t-shirt, dr. martens sandals (borrowed), lanvin sunglasses (also not mine, so sad)

I love these shorts!

And all because one day I was sitting around my house in my sweats drinking tea and gazing into the internet when I came across THiS post in my Google Reader. They became the perfect staple for my summer-of-bicycle shorts!

These photos were taken while friends were in town, so we played like siblings, borrowing each others stuff. I was pretty jealous of these Lanvin sunglasses that Gerald came up on at the ole' Hillcrest, CA Buffalo Exchange. He looks so. good. in them.
And those shoes are my homegirl Baby C's. They are Dr. Martens, so quite comfy and good for lots of walking.
Why are you two so damn cute? Can you come back to see me again real soon, pease?
I miss your faces and walking around everywhere in Minneapolis with you.

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gerald said...

i want to come back sooooo bad. see you in like 6 months.