July 20, 2009

Fly girl

I've been channeling some tough-ass vibe lately, not entirely sure why... but in any case, Alexander Wang's Fall 2009 show spoke to me. It said: wear bicycle shorts.
from style.com

Shorts are a difficult thing for me. So many styles out there create a distinctly dumpy-assed silhouette, but I'm also not prim enough to wear skirts and dresses all the time. (Does anyone else hate the feeling of bare thighs under a skirt on a hot day?) Not to be too crass, but it's tiresome trying to keep your knees together all the time. I want the freedom boys have. I wanna spread out when I'm sitting outside a cafe, sit cross-legged in my chair.

There is, of course, denim, but let's not get into my neuroses about that fabric just yet. Let's just say I don't like feeling trapped by my clothes. As a child who grew up in dance studios, in my mind leggings of all lengths were de rigueur up until like 1999 and denim was the devil.

But enough with the life stories, right? So inspired in part by Wang, and in part by my own desire to not wilt in the heat and give up entirely... I decided bicycle shorts are back in my life. It's been quite fun, since when I wear them I feel like a backup dancer from the golden age of MTV (the early-mid 90s, duh).

What I wore on a particularly steamy day this week:Silk blouse/dress: Hawks (a gift from a friend), lace bicycle shorts on tha $4.99 sale at UO, Jeffrey Campbell booties. The details:

Grabbed my Chloe locs and I'm out tha door.
Stay tuned for even more bicycle shorts! (And I miiight try to make my own version of that Alexander Wang shirt from the 1st pic as well... We'll see if that happens/turns out...)

hugs n smooches!

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ann said...

i've been thinking about bike shorts too - to wear under skirts and dresses cause i guess i'm kinda prissy now. but i don't know where to find a good basic black pair!