July 18, 2009

Awesome vintage: My spacesuit/Car mechanic getup

Zippers! Tie dye! Shades of gray! Transformable necklines, sleeve and pant length! Can you tell I love this little number? I took these shots before we left to... what else... walk around the 'hood. Got some fresh bread at the bakery around the way. But it was so cold (in July no less, thx Minnesota) that I had to wear a long sweater-jacket over it outside the house. Here it is, in all its glory.

Shoulders can unzip down to the upper arm

Like so

Waiting on Mike to get ready...

The shoes I wore

Pants can be worn rolled down, so can the batwing sleeves... so I'll be taking this one into fall/winter.

After I got home and took it off I liked how the rumpled fabric looked piled on the bed...
One last detail of the tie dye.

It must be duly noted that I acquired the jumpsuit at B-Squad Vintage in Minneapolis. I first saw it months ago while shopping with Mike, who eyed it with suspicion. We left the store without buying anything that day, but I couldn't get it out of my head! Anyhow, on a notable shopping trip a bit later with some lady friends, it was still there! Unbelievable luck, I told myself. Something this rad never stays on the rack long. But when the young woman was ringing me up she said, "I'm so glad someone is finally buying this thing... It's been here since we opened a few years ago." Well, well. Maybe it was meant to be.

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meghan said...

i really like everything about this outfit and i envy your super-good vintage findings. you look awesome.